Music Education of the Future

Music Education of the Future is the concluding book in Dr. Whitwell’s 3-part series, On Education.

In the ancient civilizations music education was based on principles which seemed to them obvious and natural, that there was something universal about how people heard and understood music and that music seemed to have a role in the development of character. Beginning with the Christian Era music education was forced to move from the experiential to the rational and it has never recovered its natural state. In this book the reader will find an argument for restoring music education to a natural relationship between music and man. In the process this book will provide the reader with a new perspective for judging the activity-driven nature of modern music education.

Chapters include:

  • On the Roots of Music Education
  • Thoughts on the Perception of Music
  • Purpose and Meaning in Music Education
  • Music Education Must Be Experiential and not Conceptual
  • Music Education of the Future Must Educate All Children
  • Music Education of the Future Must Educate the Real Child
  • Two Paramount New Purposes

174 pages, fully referenced, illustrated


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8 x 10 inches, 174 pages, color


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